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Hey there!

Letter to the reader

Anuj here, Welcome to my Website, and thanks for checking out my about page!

Here you will get to know me better about my passion for Digital Marketing, Video Production, and Immersive Technology.

I have been an internet geek since childhood. When I was 11 years old, my dad bought a Pentium II ( Computer ) in

During that time, people could hardly access a landline to make a phone call; my dad’s technology progression
helped me get hands to experience with the internet. In those days, having an internet connection was a real big deal.

But yet the internet technology was inadequate. It was a Dial-up Internet network (PSTN) which establish a
connection to an Internet service provider (ISP) by dialing a telephone number on a conventional telephone line.
This internet connection uses modems to decode audio signals into data and send it to a router rather than a
computer. If you are from those times, I know you are having nostalgia about the dial-up sound.

My first experience was to explore (Wikipedia). From there, my journey to the world of
internet started.

Flash 5 years, I was 16 years, and I was the youngest kid in town who created a website about his city,

It was my experience, which I will never forget.

Coming to 2015, post my education, and few jobs as a trainer in one of the famous institutes in India, and received
some awards. It was the right time to start my own company.

In 2015, on August 27th, I started my first company ever, Studio27 Creative Media Works LLP.

I was the first entrepreneur in the family,

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