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Lead Generation : Steroid of Business Growth
written by Anuj Chawla
11 · 09 · 20

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Lead generation - Inbound Marketing

Do you know that the term Lead generation has been extensively used by b2b companies but in the world of marketing, specifically in the world of online marketing? Lead generation also plays a vital role in b2c companies. Shocked?

Don’t be! To understand it, you need to first understand the term lead and prospect!

Typically a prospect is a person who has the potential to be our customer Mostly outbound, where a lead is a person who has shown interest in your product or service can be the outcome of inbound.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In Inbound marketing, the common sources are Word of Mouth, Phone Call, Website, Local Directory, or An Advertisement or any website referrals

Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing concept where marketers attempt to “pull” in potential customers with interesting content. Also called content marketing, inbound marketing involves creating blog posts, social media, infographics, white papers, email newsletters, and other content that people actually want to read. Search engine optimization paid discovery, and paid search help people find marketers’ content. If it’s engaging enough, they interact with it, reading and sharing, and come away with a positive impression of the brand that influences later purchasing decisions.

Inbound marketing is very hands-off and indirect: there’s never a noticeable sales pitch. Inbound marketing nudges customers down the sales funnel by increasing their engagement with the brand. Here’s an illustration of how it works.

Inbound marketing is all about creating the pull, or in simple terms to attract the potential visitors/customer to engage on interesting content and eventually buy.

In today’s time it is well known as “Content Marketing”, It involves Blogs, Social media Posts, Videos, Short, Long, Ads, Films, Infographic, Emailers, Newsletters, Banner ads and many more the agenda is always to attract the attention of customers/prospects to engage in whichever form and any content marketing strategy are followed by a CTA, also known as Lead Magnet.

Whether you are selling a course, affiliate product or even promoting anything or anyone, the process contains 3 factors 

Attract -> Engage -> Delight

AED-Lead Generation wheel-min


Image Source: Hubspot

Where in Outbound marketing?

In Outbound marketing the approach is more of a traditional one, here there is no lead, it’s always a look for a potential persona or you can say a prospect. As there is no lead, an interested buyer is a process of pushing.

Where in outbound marketing the common sources are trade shows, seminar series, Networking, email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, advertising and many more, here marketers push the product, services or message to their prospects and hoping them to transform them into leads, out far this process is the most demoralizing coz it is more like looking for a needle in the haystack. 

If we relate them on the basis of the investment, outbound marketing involves a huge cost compared to inbound marketing. 

Here are some more examples of Inbound and Outbound marketing

Inbound Outbound
Pulls in interested readers Pushes at everybody, regardless of interest
Written for the consumer’s needs Written for the product’s needs
Interactive and fluid Inert, one-way
Draws in customers Seeks out customers
Is part of content consumption Disrupts content consumption
Natural habitat: blogs, social media, opt-in emails, search, influencer marketing Natural habitat: display ads, billboards, telemarketer scripts, magazines, TV ads


Going further, if your customer or prospect proactively shows interest in your product service or a message, he is your potential lead.

Now we will talk about how to generate a quality lead

When it comes to generating quality leads, online marketing is the best way to do so, and it dominates the market as well. 

The quality of online marketing for lead generation is that the potential customer is already informed and educated about your offerings and has generated the sense of interest in the person, and a lead is lead only if you have convinced the prospect about your services or product without even having any outbound activity. 

Just on the basis of content and your online presence, the prospect is ready to make a purchase. 

Does it always work?

That totally depends on the product, niche and market fit, not all product or service can be sold over inbound for example B2B product or service if a company who sells rocket launchers cannot sell the product using inbound marketing unless they use content marketing to create the market authority and trust. Once the B2B company achieves the trust and authority of the buyer with the information and content shared online, you’ve won a lead! 

Few dominating platforms who can be a role player for lead generation 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also known as social sales, and over time it has been established as a dominating medium for b2c and not b2b as well. Having all the prospects in one platform and tapping them with ads which are targeted to their interest and hobbies gives advertisers an advantage in the game. 

Moreover, as it is a personal social media platform, the people connect with you on a very personal level and hence form warm relationships with the brands.

Content Marketing 

While you sleep, your content keeps the world awake, the content is the most important part of your marketing funnel. If your content is the lion you will roar on social media and the tribe will follow no matter what. 

Great content drives prospects to interact and engage with it and the potential ones will buy eventually 


When talking about lead generation, the most effective leads come from organic, to get organic leads, you need to invest in the Search Engine Optimization,  where you create quality content and optimize the website to rank on google’s first page. The process of ranking on the first page is not too complicated but if you are well-read, you can ace it. Once you are ranking on top of the most dominating search engine you are more likely to get high traffic to win more leads and convert higher